Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aint No Thang But A Chicken Wang.

The ol boy Stuk and I bangin out a fun little scene for Headquarters in Lakeview. A very muscular teenage Captain America playing into his rebellious side while Storm Troopers look on. 

Went back to an OG spot I used to hit up called ITTO sushi on Halsted and Wrightwood. The sushi chef is actually Japanese and loves baseball and had held it down here for years prior to me setting foot in here. Just good, simple classic sushi. No need for crazy philly beef rolls stuff with fries and cheese deep fried with ham seaweed here. 

Had to go for a classic bowl of ramen. Great broth and noodles, but the meat was pretty tough and dry, but in the end, it should be about the noodles and broth and it was pretty damn good. This was a pretty perfect lunch. 

Tackling my food bucket list before shit gets real next year. 

This spread was pretty legit. A lot of sodium on this platter. Thank god for the salty bread to soak up all of that salt. Headcheese to this day is one of those amazing wonders that cooking the whole animal can produce. I think its truly respecting the animal utilizing and eating every nook and cranny. The hunks of them on this platter was no exception, gelatinous, salty, and overall just rich with awesomeness. The Balogna disk in the back there was pretty baller as well. 

The tomato terrine was interesting and delicious at the same time. Good bye tomato season! We barely knew you. 

$20 plate/bowl of amazingly seasonal vegetables all cooked differently and seasoned perfectly. I wish I had known about the pesto on the bottom of this veggie orgy. This was a fun dish to tear through. It can also pass a composting pile. Thank god for them twongs. 

The Morroccan sausage was pretty killer. The table as practically licking the bowl after the solids were done with. 

Popped a few foie cherries this night. Super decadent, unctuous, and delicate at the same time. I can't imagine any one person being able to finish this and I don't think I'd want to be friends with that person...ever. 

The homie Dreas in town laying down tracks as smooth as his hair at the Whistler for the Meyvn presents night.

The homie Dave killin it with jokes upon jokes. 

Sean Flannery twerkin the room.

So the shitty thing about comedy shows sometimes are the shitty people who just have to talk so fucking loud. This shit bag table had no idea (or maybe they did) about how loud their voices were. GET A FUCKING CLUE! 

Racial unity. 

I really really wish they put that ATM somewhere else, this really kills the vibe. Why do you even need an ATM at a bar that accepts credit cards? 

Revolution Brewing had their annual Oktoberfest blowout. Good looking out Joel! 


This space is fucking massive. 

This was the only glassware available. Consuming 2 of these meant that late night pizza puffs are in  your future, 3 of these means you're going to get weird/stalky on Facebook, 4 would guarantee projectile vomitting. 

This band kicked some ass. Flown in straight from Jefferson Park. 

Caught the homie Tazm outback cooking dicks for days. Its where they keep all the Mexicans, duh. 

AC/DC cover band germanized was probably one of the best things I've seen this week. 

The pneumonia causing dunk tank because it was cold as fuck this night. I'm pretty sure Adam has a thick beer mucous thing surrounding his body that can protect him from most illnesses. 

Oh yeah, I had a gig I had to go to right after Oktoberfest. I'm so glad I didn't take any drugs, these lights were making me nauseous semi sober. It looks like a clown/carnival nightmare. At the same token, mahfuckers were dancing so I'm all good! 

Surprise party for Brian over at Schwa made for a lot of dranks, hot dogs, cakes, and an awesome love drawing from Dio with Michael spelled incorrectly. 

Seriously though, when was the last time you were at Liars Club? I think it was over 10 years ago for me and how is this place still open? 

The last wedding of the year that I have to attend. I was honored to be asked to do their welcome sign and super grateful that the wedding was in the city. 

Congrats to Amanda and Chris! A lot of awesome drinks and beer which lead to a lot of awesome drinks and beer in my gut..which lead to a seitan burrito at 2:00 am which lead to me waking up on my couch with weird rat turd looking things all over my shirt.

Woke up, dusted off the crumbs and headed to work the last Sunday Smoke Haus with the homies at Table Donkey Stick and Flesh For Food. This was a custom tee pee smoker built for the Whiskey (smoked over Koval whiskey barrel staves) and Coke (spritzed with Mex coke) chickens. This magnificent contraption smoked and cooked 20 delicious birds. 

Full plate bruh.  Whiskey and coke chicken, slow cooked sweet potato, candied bacon, kale with smoked pickled onions and an apple and helles BBQ sauce.

It was fun working behind the window as we did the plates to order to ensure hot food and accessibility for the evening. 

The TDS team killin it as usual. Plating with them twongs and being super generous for letting us invade their space. 

The aftermath of a hards day work at Parsons where many Micheladas and pickle backs were had...a lot. This night ended with another pizza puff and a hot dog...again. 

While you're here, I'm looking forward to my mini solo show at the Bucketfeet store downtown on 10/9, 5-7pm. Come on out if you got some time! 108 n. State st. Ill be sure to look homeless...as I always do. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hurry Up And Ketchup.

I know what you're thinking. Why the fuck would I wait in this line for a god damn hot dog? 

Its because we got to skip the line and get rushed in through the back of the restaurant ala Good Fellas style. 

Because this weiner happened to be the celebrity sausage for the day during Hot Doug's final days. I forget how Sang got this honorary title but this is a rare sight of sheer joy on his face. And yes, this is his extremely happy face. Cant you tell? 

The "Sang Yi" next an OG Chicago style dog. A baked ham sausage with a prickly pear sauce, smoked gouda and some other delicious shit on it. 

Sang eating himself. He can't and will not achieve any greater honor than being the celebrity sausage so he can finally die a semi bitter old man. 

Nathan and I working boards for the GABF. My weak ass knees be hating on ladders and I love being bossing to white people. 

My turn to do food for Beermiscuous' Wednesday food and flight deal. 

Did some buttermilk fried wangs with some fatty sides. I had a black lady tell me my wings sucked. Cant win em all but I definitely took her work over anyone else's. Not because I'm racist...but because I'm super racist. 

Perks of doing on site jobs include checking out the Breeders sound checking when no one else is around. It feels like a weird hipster dream. 

Fucking Bebop from TMNT. 

2 of 15 boards that we ended up doing for the block party. I didn't get to jerk off for at least a day after doing these. Thank god my feet are super talented. 

"Hey chef, lemme get ONE REEB." Chef says "Ok, well have fun with this."

What kind of jail bathroom is this? Why the fuck is there a drainage hole? Where is the door? What kind of cruel/strange joke is this? 


So these jerks got married. Congrats Tooch and Steph! 

Cool friends who get married have weddings at cool places like Revolution Brewery where all the beers were open to drink on top of mixed drink options...next stop, blackout town. 

Instead, barely wake up to make it to the homie Brian's collab dinner with Sobramesa supper club in Pilsen. This is what a typical kitchen in Pilsen looks like these days. Just like the old days. 

I don't want to know what chef is digging for here...just rest assured that soap and water were close by. Cameron with his duck face on blast mode. 

What do rock star chefs eat after service? A hot dog topped with Foie of course...You didn't know? 

Went to see the Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist show none other than Edan was opening up the night. Been wanting to see his live set for quite some time now so this was an amazing surprise for me. So entertaining and on point. Very geeked and amped up to see Shadow...

Until these guys played for what seemed like 6 fucking hours. This hippy shit would have been nice to walk into but not after someone like Edan. This shit ruined whatever good vibe I had. 

And then these two absolutely destroyed. The whole premise behind the tour is that they devised a whole set using Afrika Bambaata's original record collection and equipment. It was awe dropping and just amazing to hear what Bam has in his collection and to see what these equally amazing artists do to assemble what was essentially a music history lesson into modern day hip hop. Easily one of the best shows Ive seen in a long time. It also helped being surrounded by a bunch of homies all equally in awe and star struck. 

Weird dudes learning about weird beers. I made some food for it or something. 

Nature made letter R. It's probably doo doo

Thanks for the hook up Kevin! Got to tag along with the Schwa team to check out Rob Zombie and his haunted house experience. Riding in style of course where we can drink to our hearts content. 

Quick stop to pick up pre and post show snacks...5 large pizzas to be exact. 

DUDDUUDDEEDDUDUEEE! Rob Zombie killed! Didn't know I was this big of a fan until I got to see him live. He murdered it even the strange rendition of James Brown's Get On Up that he did. Great show and houses. 

However, the exit situation was just ridiculous. Like club E2 bad. The other exits lead into a beer garden with no actual exits. How fucking evil is that? This was the real horror. 

Looking for a night cap, decided to join Noah and his gang of karaoke misfits in what would be one of the most drunk times I've ever seen the homie Tony Trimm be. It was amazing. 

Multi cultural up in this bitch son! 

This 24 Shawarma spot is amazing. Highly recommended just for the amazing portions you get, but also for how good the strange uncle cook dude who cooks in regular street clothes, no aprons, no pretentions, just good ass food. 

What's a hangover these days? It means painting for me. 

I smelled like the river after I was done with this. River folk never smelled this good before. 

What a dirty looking hole...

Tony Martin's burger fest burger will cure what ails yah. Bacon this, ham that, cheese this, onion something that...no mustard or ketchup needed. Just an open mouth. 

Nothing makes wedding dresses look cheaper than hanging a bunch of them together. This is truly a terrifying sight to see. Especially because you just know there are a ton of girls walking by this and yearning for this shit. BLEH...And also, I think its safe to assume that manufacturers should go ahead and discontinue the color white for dresses...like who are you kidding? 

These potatoes were amazing. Yes. I almost died again having left my oven on. Does anyone have an oven out there that won't turn on from 2am till 9am? 

Oh you know, just prepping an entire box of brussels on a lovely Sunday afternoon. 

Flesh For Food making pigs fly off the grill into mouths for years. 

Shift dranks. 

Tell me the pig aint the most magical fucking animal on earth. I mean it must suck for them because everything on them is delicious. Like seriously delicious. 

Fucking bacon s'mores. Even when they become dessert, they stay delicious. Poor delicious pigs. 

After jam for the Serengeti/Why? show at Small Bar...Alex clearly not impressed. He just smells how good I smell having been by the smoker all day. 

So industry bro. 

HOLY FUCK. Leave it to the Paul Kahan team to come up with shit like this. This ham and cheese torta had me wishing I was Mexican...again. So deliciously salty and rich. It's like they can't fucking lose. You know its good when employees of the company go on their day off. They're making money off of people they're paying! GENIUS!

Oh hey. 

Went to check out the homie Nathan West's show at Chicago Diner Logan. Awesome well themed collection of work. This explanation though...I felt like I was reading an 18 year old art student's essay on what art means to him/her. Great work though. 

Paid homage to an institution in the Chicago gastro pub scene for one last time. Goose Island Wrigleyville will be missed but I think it was too good for the hood. Went out with a bang at least! Congrats! 

Finishing up some st-st-studio shit. Another wedding coming up. 

Finally got to check out Belly Q over in the West Loop. The space and kitchen are beautiful. The food was pretty good. The highlight for me was the sticky rice side dish. Super sticky and slightly sweet paired with the light heat from the chili flakes all tied in with a little richness from the sausage. The other mains were good but either super overwhelming or super underwhelmed with spice. The pasole is a great vegan option but wish it had a little more spice and served piping hot, temp wise. It was good otherwise.