Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Fucking Day Of The Week Is It?

This breakfast torta from Bayless' restaurant in O'Hare is a pretty proper send off when flying out of Chicago. 

I wish this ride from LAX lasted forever. Although not so much in Inglewood. 

When in Rome. 

First stop no matter what. 

Coolest looking Chinese restaurant in Hollywood. Ha. 

This picture is just weird as is much of this part of town. 

Met up with the holmes Jose G and his wife Kim to try out Roy Choi's commissary joint in K-Town. 

Did I mention that I suck at taking photos with my phone? And I still get a little embarrassed taking photos of food and stuff. 

Holy elbow room batman. 

So fucking smart. 

Damn you. 

I gotta say...wasn't feeling the cabbage kimchi. The other two ban chan was pretty good but the main kimchi had a strange sweetness that I wasn't really feeling. 

All potato based pancakes should taste this damn good. So fucking crispy, you'd think they just mashed a bunch of chips together and re deep fry it. 

Pot stickers/dumplings were okay. I'm not usually a fan of the whole broth/soup thing but the filling was tasty and it was prepared well. I'm more of a crispy skinned dumpling guy myself. 

These need to come in a bucket with a funnel attachment. Used to eat a lot of this growing up but never thought to make the exterior crispy. FUCKING GENIUS!!! Sauce was perfectly spicy but sweet and the rice cakes were just prepared in the best way possible. 

The shareable pot, garbage style filled with spam, ramen noodles, hotdogs, random veg all swimming in a fire red broth was fucking amazing. This on a hot winter day with a bowl of rice will make you wish you were a slant eye. 

Fucking L.A. 

Another restaurant that I can now cross off the bucket list is Animal. 

Beef tendon chip with onion pho dip. The sauce was a bit much for me sodium wise, but hard to taste the pho aspect of it. The chip was intense with spice and richness. I guess its kind of hard to tell or taste what a true beer tendon is but it was still fun to eat. Especially alone. 

The chicken liver mousse was out of control. This single piece of bread made me realize that death would be okay after eating this. 

Until I had the marrow. Fucking christ this thing was magnificent. The chimichurri was perfect for this rich meat butter and I didn't care how blow jobby my lips looked after this, it was so fucking good. 

This was my least favorite with the most anticipation. It was a hamachi tostada, but the amount of fish sauce mixed in was a little bit too intense for me and there was so much of it that I barely remembered that there was hamachi under all of this. The fish itself though was amazingly fresh tasting but I had to eat it separately and didn't want to ruin its natural sweetness with overdressed salad. I can't wait to come back. 

Nice view while draining the lizard. 

I wish I could have checked this out while in town. This is graffiti history at its best. 

Opening night of the Alphabet Soup 2 show at Galerie F curated by the fine people of The Fullhearted collective. Awesome work fellas! 

Fucking Brooks. Still hard to believe this talent isn't here with us anymore. 

Awesome tribute piece by Cosbe. 

Oy! Hip Hop Rabbi. 

This guy sucks. Frames are nice at least. 

Jonski deserves a close up. This dude needs to be a millionaire already. No one is fucking with this. It's just amazing. 

Oh yeah, its Meeting of Styles time...yeah me neither. 

Damn shadow. 

Ramen time at Oiistar in Wicker Park. 

Beef bun first though. Tasty, overstuffed and filling. Almost no need for the bun. 

Snapped with this one son. The broth with a finishing garlic chili oil was pretty amazing tasting. The noodles were thin but held its great texture, the meat wasn't my favorite but the broth is so damn goo, that you almost forget that theres meat even in this. I also thought that the addition of ground pork was pretty good too. It's a nice surprise to get little chunks of meat while you eat. 

Happy birthday Ryan. The tradition of eating at the Half Shell is alive and well. 

This pile of gout inducing goodness was met head on and there was just an awesome silence with sweet crab juice splattering everywhere. Its a classic joint with classy people that all have major accents. No hats allowed and only cash is accepted and there is a full bathtub in only the women's bathroom. 

4 years old and already a manipulative little bastard. Cant hate on the hustle. If it works, it works.